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Summer To-Do List (reading)


Bill Simmons has finally embraced his inner GM.  But instead of taking over the T-Wolves, Simmons has compiled an all-star lineup of writers who will contribute to the interweb’s latest, keenest collection of pop-culture/sports writing.

Simmons, who will be the editor-in-chief of Grantland, has been obligated to tone down his sometimes vulgar writing style in order to keep the suits at ESPN happy – but all that is about to change.

Bill dropped a handful of F-bombs in his welcoming column, marking the unofficial beginning of a new era for the savvy sportswriter.

Several of the brightest intuitive minds in journalism today make up Grantland’s columnists. The most exciting part about the writer selection is the diversity. This is not just a sports website, but a varied mixture of perspectives and opinions on relatable topics.

Two Grantland writers everyone must read:

Chuck Klosterman has reformed the way I think, and that has to be one of the finest accolades you can link to an author. Klosterman has written everywhere; from The Believer, to The New Yorker, to ESPN, to his six best-selling books ranging from glam metal to fictional towns in North Dakota. The complexity of his words will force you to seek an enhanced understanding of the chosen subject, and will do so with you thinking to yourself “Why didn’t I realize this?”,8599,1841032,00.html

Molly Lambert is arguably today’s most underrated online journalist. She left her position as the managing editor of This Recording (my favorite internet magazine) to join the Grantland staff. Lambert is the only feminist perspective I have been able to relate to, and somewhat comprehend. “The deeper something offends me, the deeper I want to engage with it and understand why,” recently tweeted Lambert. This awareness is evident in all of her writing, and truth seems to be the only goal she seeks to attain.


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